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Public Health Care Forum: Stopping Extra Billing & Privatization

Thu, 2018-06-14 19:00 to 21:00
Brocklehurst Seniors Activity Centre
9A-1800 Tranquille Rd
Kamloops, BC V2B 3L9

June 14 ForumFrom Anita Strong, Council of Canadians Kamloops Chapter:

"BC has seen a proliferation of private for-profit surgical clinics where doctors charge whatever they want, often far more than the agreed upon fee schedule worked out between doctors and government. The services are offered on the ability to pay, not need. The irony is that Day and others say they are shortening lineups and hence wait times but the opposite is happening- wait times have been getting longer as more resources - doctors, etc. - spend more time in the private system and less time helping the rest of us. The current government is trying to discourage this through changes in legislation and fines; however, the private clinics are seeking an injunction to stop the government from acting on this until after the Day Case is heard.

Also, as a result of the proliferation of private clinics, the federal government is clawing back health care transfer funds - something like $16M, because the extra billing these clinics are engaged in violates the Canada Healthcare Act.

Do not despair. There are solutions and the current provincial government is acting in positive ways to put more public into public health care and reduce wait times and improve services. There are other things that can also be done. In any event, the public needs to be on board if we are to win the court case and improve the public health care system. Our forum on June 14 will help achieve this goal.

Please join us for an important forum on double billing, private health care, etc. on June 14, 7pm at Brocklehurst Seniors Activity Centre, 9A-1800 Tranquille Rd. Our keynote speaker is Colleen Fuller, respected researcher and Health Care Policy Analyst.
Please share this information and the attached poster with all your lists and friends."

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