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Speak out for national standards for long-term care!

On April 27, 2021, join Canadians across the country mobilizing to ask our federal, provincial, and territorial governments to work together and urgently create national standards to improve LTC. Send a letter to your MP asking them to put partisan politics aside and champion the call for LTC standards and a significant financial commitment from the federal government to help provinces meet them.
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Speak out for national standards for long-term care!

Ask your MP to be a champion for long-term care standards 

The federal government has committed to developing national standards for long-term care. This could be game-changing for residents and workers in long-term care – but only if the standards are tough enough to make a difference and come with adequate funding

The for-profit seniors’ care industry knows that meaningful long-term care standards would threaten their profits, and they’ve been furiously lobbying the government ever since the first mention of national standards in Ottawa.

If we’re going to stop the for-profit seniors’ care industry from sabotaging this opportunity to win strong national standards for long-term care, we need to speak up now.

That’s why we created this tool to help you send an email asking your MP to champion strong national standards. If we can flood our MPs with messages, we can drown out the industry lobbyists and raise the bar for national standards in long-term care.

It will only work if enough of us join in. Will you send a message to your MP today? 

Use the tool on the right to send a letter to your MP. We encourage you to personalize the template by including a story you've experienced of LTC or the name of a loved one in care.  

Step 1: Enter your postal code and press the "Find" button (if the representative is not found or the information is incorrect, pick your MP from the "cc:" dropdown under the "Sign your Message" section)

Step 2: Replace the "Member of Parliament" in the body text of the email with your representative's name, and any other edits you'd like to make to the letter

Step 3: Fill in your first name, last name, and email


Note re “furiously lobbying”: There have been 24 meetings between Canadian Association for Long Term Care lobbyists and federal decision-makers (MPs and bureaucrats) in the last 6 months