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Check Up!

Check Up! is a campaign that engages young people with the topic of health care in communities across B.C.

There are many questions about what's best for Canada's health care system, yet there there isn't much youth accessible information or oportuntities for youth-based dialogue on the issue. We're working together to change that. 

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We partner with our friends at Check Your Head to provide youth-to-youth workshops education and discuss systems of health care.

Workshop description:

Should health care be a right for all or a privilege for some? Learn how the Canadian health care system works and why we should care.

This workshop engages participants in interactive activities that ask the questions: what do youth believe makes a healthy community? How does Canada’s public health care system work? What does private participation in health care mean for public health? Youth will learn how to take action to ensure health care is accessible for all. Health care made fun (finally!).

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We also offer resources and training for educators, organizations and community members to run the workshops yourselves! 

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