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Push back privitization

We risk losing Canadian Medicare as we know it

Constitutional Challenge to Medicare trial with start September 8, 2014. Dr. Brian Day, owner of Vancouver’s for-profit Cambie Surgery Centre and the leading proponent of privatized health care, has launched a constitutional challenge to break Medicare via the courts and establish a US-style system in Canada. Parties in the case are calling this the most significant constitutional challenge in Canadian history. …

Premiers must focus on public innovation to strengthen Medicare

The new Health Care Innovation Working Group announced at this week's Council of theFederation meeting is an opportunity for the provinces to build on the many positive publicsolutions that make Medicare stronger and avoid unaffordable for-profit care, says the BCHealth Coalition. "The provinces must look for ways to build the capacity of public non-profit health care deliveryand protect the great gains in equality, access, fairness and efficiency that are the hallmark ofour public health care system," said BC Health Coalition co-chair Rachel Tutte.…Read More

News Campbell's Health 'Conversation' Drives to a Point: Scant support for private fixes, say attendees

By Tom Sandborn, 6 Jul 2007, Premier Campbell's "Conversation on Health" all but wraps up at Vancouver's Marriott Pinnacle Hotel tomorrow, July 7. Described in its TV ad as "a conversation we all have to have," the exercise has included hearings across B.C. and cost taxpayers over $10 million.With that conversation ending, B.C.…Read More