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Tainted blood survivors call on B.C. government to protect blood supply

Tainted blood survivors call on B.C. government to protect blood supply as province ignores Canadian Blood Services warning FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Victoria - A group of tainted blood tragedy survivors and safe blood advocates delivered a strong message from British Columbians calling for a B.C. ban on the sale of blood and plasma at the Legislature today. The group is alarmed that the BC government appears to be ignoring a direct request from Canadian Blood Services (CBS) to end support for commercial blood brokers in B.C.…Read More

Canada's Health Coalitions Warn Cuts Coming to Health Care with Bilateral Health Deals

Canada's Health Coalitions Warn Cuts Coming to Health Care with Bilateral Health Deals FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  February 9th, 2017  Across Canada-- Canada's Health Coalitions signed a joint statement and held a media conference today on the recent bilateral health care deals and called for a united health accord.…Read More

Blood activists ask B.C. government to ban paying for blood plasma

A private company paying for blood donations has its sights set on B.C. The company operates in Saskatchewan but is banned in Ontario, and now several groups are asking the BC government to do the same.  A Duncan family suffered greatly during the tainted blood scandal in the 1980’s. Darlene Taylor’s two sons received blood tainted with hepatitis and HIV. “So the next few years were kind of like hell because our older son died, quite slowly and painfully,” she said.…Read More

BC Budget fails to address public's concerns about MSP fees

Budget's small changes to unfair flat health tax a disappointment, say health advocates Victoria – Public health care advocates hoping for a long-awaited end to B.C.'s unfair Medical Services Plan premiums are disappointed in today's budget. The budget fails to respond to public calls to scrap the MSP and integrate it into the province's income tax system, as thousands of people in B.C. have called for in recent weeks.…Read More


February 18, 2016 - 07:30 am

Speaker: Dr. Courtney Howard Dr. Howard is an Emergency Physician in Yellowknife. She devotes much of her time to dealing with issues, particularly medical issues, related to climate change. She is a member of the Board of CAPE (Canadian Association of physicians for the Environment) She recently attended the Paris Climate Summit – COP21…Read More

Youth and seniors set to sock hop and talk politics

(PDF) Unique 50’s theme party brings generations of voters together on federal election sleeper issue: health care Vancouver – Voters of all ages will meet on the dance floor today for a 50’s themed party to engage young people in conversation with older generations about the future of Canada’s health care system as election fever heats up.…Read More

Danielle Martin: The Ivory Tower on Main Street (BCHC Co-sponsored Event)

November 28, 2014 - 12:30 pm

The relationship between researchers and advocates in Canada is changing, and Medicare stands to benefit from that change. We have long known that evidence is not the only input to policy, but to make informed changes in Canadian health care financing and delivery we need to use evidence along with values and other critical inputs. In this session Dr. Danielle Martin will provide an analysis of the intersection between research and advocacy and apply some lessons to the current public debate about national Pharmacare.  …Read More

Danielle Martin: Three Big Ideas to Transform Health Care

November 27, 2014 - 06:00 pm

Last spring, Dr. Danielle Martin took on a U.S. Senate committee and defended Canada's health care system. While igniting pride from coast to coast, Dr. Martin also acknowledged that our health care system still has a long way to go. Join us to hear this health care leader's three big ideas on how we can improve our health care system for every Canadian.…Read More