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B.C. Fair PharmaCare announcement: An important step towards fairness and affordability

For immediate release - February 9, 2018

B.C. Fair PharmaCare announcement: An important step towards fairness and affordability

Vancouver Coast Salish Territories - Today, the BC government announced $105 million in funding to go towards eliminating or reducing deductibles for prescription drugs for poor and working class individuals and families. The BC Health Coalition applauds the province’s announcement as a welcome step towards ensuring British Columbians have access to the medicines they need.

Edith MacHattie, BC Health Coalition co-chair: “For so long, high deductibles for medicines has meant that many poor and working class families had to make hard choices between paying for necessities like food and transportation, or not filling their prescriptions. Today’s announcement is a much-needed step towards ensuring fair and affordable access for everyone.”

According to an Angus Reid Institute study, 29 percent of respondents in British Columbia – more than any other province in the country – said they or someone else in their household hadn’t taken medication as prescribed because they couldn’t afford to. Nationally, one in every 10 Canadians cannot afford the drugs they are prescribed.

“This is great news. The province’s announcement is a big step forward towards bringing Canada in line with the rest of the world,” said Rick Turner, BC Health Coalition co-chair. “Medicine is health care. Canada is the only country with universal health care that does not include drugs. We often hear how many seniors have to choose between food or medication. The funding will provide relief for many working class seniors and families and is an important step towards a healthier province.”

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Nathanel Lowe, Organizer, BC Health Coalition, cell: 604-349-9079, email: [email protected]


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