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Tainted blood survivor group and safe blood advocates to press Victoria for ban on pay-for-blood and plasma at Legislature today


Victoria – A national group representing survivors of the tainted blood tragedy is joining with BC Health Coalition and BC Hemophilia Society advocates today to bring the call for a BC ban on the sale of blood and plasma to the Legislature.

The group were instrumental in ensuring private plasma company Canadian Plasma Resources (CPR) was banned from operating in Ontario.

Now they are joining BC advocates to call on British Columbia to follow Ontario and Quebec’s lead and implement the ban following news that CPR says B.C. is “top of our list” to set up shop.

The groups will meet with elected officials in Victoria following a news conference and will host a public town hall meeting this evening.

Only four countries in the world allow private paid donor collection.

What: News conference

Who: Tainted blood survivors and safe blood advocates from, BC Hemophilia Society, and Health Coalition

When: Tuesday, May 10, 11:45am

Where: BC Legislature front steps, 501 Belleville Street, Victoria, B.C.

Tuesday evening: Public Town Hall Meeting: Stop Paid Plasma; Keep Our Blood System Safe

May 10 at 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Cook Street Activity Centre, 380 Cook Street, Victoria, B.C.


For more information or to set up interviews contact:

Adam Lynes-Ford, BC Health Coalition Campaigner

cell: 604-787-6560 [email protected]

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