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Youth and seniors set to sock hop and talk politics

(PDF) Unique 50’s theme party brings generations of voters together on federal election sleeper issue: health care

Vancouver – Voters of all ages will meet on the dance floor today for a 50’s themed party to engage young people in conversation with older generations about the future of Canada’s health care system as election fever heats up.

“We’re empowering young people to engage directly in the political process,” says Anastasia Gaisenok, Executive Director of Check Your Head, a youth-driven non-profit organization. “We don’t buy the stereotype that young people are apathetic – we’re very engaged, we just need ways for youth to learn about the issues and have their say. That’s what we’re doing with tonight’s Sock Hop.”

Attendees are encouraged to dress retro, learn some swing moves, and hang out in the photo booth. They’ll also learn about a range of health care issues including refugee health care, seniors care, and drug coverage from short talks from a range of speakers in between dancing.

“We’ve invited all generations to the event, including seniors. It’s going to be fun to have first time voters and people who were around before medicare in the same room together talking health and politics,” says Edith MacHattie, BC Health Coalition co-chair. "Canadian public health care was established in the 50’s and hasn't kept up with changing needs of the population as well as it needs to. We thought it would be a good time to host a throwback party to the early days of public health care as we talk about ways health care can serve everyone better in the future."

Though health care has not yet been prominent in the media during this election campaign, it continues to poll as a top issue for people in Canada.

The event is part of Check Your Head’s Democracy Check, a non-partisan initiative to engage and educate young people to make informed decisions and take action leading up to the 2015 federal elections and at the polls. The BC Health Coalition is co-hosting the event as a part of their Vote Health Care campaign.

The Sock Hop will be held at Heritage Hall at 3102 Main Street, Vancouver starting at 7:00pm and will feature an interactive art installation from Creative Publics.


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Anastasia Gaisenok, Executive Director, Check Your Head

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Adam Lynes-Ford, Campaigner, BC Health Coalition

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