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Coalition allowed to present evidence in court challenge

Sports Talk With Dan Russell

CKNW 980 Vancouver
Broadcast Date: Thursday May 22 2014
Clip Start: 1:00am ET

Report by Marcello Bernardo: " A BC supreme court judge has given a group trying to prevent private healthcare the right to participate in an ongoing challenge of the constitutionality of Canada's public health care system. A coalition of doctors, patients and other advocates are allowed to present evidence in a fight with Dr. Brian Day. Doctor Rupinder Brar, with Canadian Doctors for Medicare the push for American style private health care will drive up costs and wreak havoc with health care access based on need, not wealth. The trial is slated to start September 8th. Last year Day was also ordered to disclose financial statements dating back five years because investigators with the Medical Services Commission found evidence patients were billed for services covered by Medicare."

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