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News Campbell's Health 'Conversation' Drives to a Point: Scant support for private fixes, say attendees

By Tom Sandborn, 6 Jul 2007, Premier Campbell's "Conversation on Health" all but wraps up at Vancouver's Marriott Pinnacle Hotel tomorrow, July 7. Described in its TV ad as "a conversation we all have to have," the exercise has included hearings across B.C. and cost taxpayers over $10 million.With that conversation ending, B.C. Health Minister George Abbott told The Tyee the BC Liberal government is likely to roll out new legislation reforming health care next spring.Today a coalition of groups will hold a press conference to call on the government to heed what they say is a clear consensus emerging from the Conversation -- one in favor of publicly funded health care.The BC Health Coalition includes health care unions, church, student, anti-poverty and seniors' organizations. Its press conference, scheduled for 9:30 a.m. at the Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside, will feature speakers who attended earlier Conversations elsewhere in B.C."What we are hearing from those who participated in the Conversation regional events is a strong consensus in favor of protecting publicly funded health care in B.C." Leslie Dickout, a BC Health Coalition campaigner, told The Tyee.READ MORE

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