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Advocate for Innovative Solutions

We need to strengthen and improve our public health care system so that everyone has access to the quality care that they need.

In relation to the Day case we're advocating for....

Public solutions to wait times. Dr. Brian Day thinks charging people for health care would shorten wait times but evidence shows that an increase in for-profit care means most people actually wait longer. B.C. needs public solutions that improve health care for everyone, not just the privileged few. 

Public wait time solutions could include:

Maximizing the use of public operating rooms.

Eighteen per cent of public hospital operating rooms are not regularly staffed, primarily because of inadequate funding. No operating rooms have extended hours. Doctors of BC – and even the BC government – have stated that existing public sector capacity should be fully utilized.

Adopting a “first surgeon available” model

Wait times vary widely across surgeons and specialty areas. BC should move to centralized management of these waitlists to allow patients to see the first available specialist or surgeon. The implementation of a “first available surgeon” model does not prevent patients from seeing their preferred specialist.

Improving access to home and community care

Better access to affordable, high quality home and community-based care, especially for seniors, will reduce hospital bed shortages, cancellations of elective surgeries and, ultimately, wait times for all patients.

Expand multi-disciplinary team-based surgical pathway clinics

A multi-disciplinary team-based approach to surgical care helps better prepare patients for surgery with a focus on maintaining their health status, which may result in reduced hospital surgery cancellations, shorter wait times, more efficient use of existing capacity and lower costs per surgical case.

The Government taking action on wait times

In March 2018, the BC Government implemented many of our recommendations and increased their investment in the public health care system in order to decrease wait times for surgeries and diagnostic exams.

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