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What We Do

Speaking outside BC LegislatureStrengthening public health care for all

The BCHC is a democratic, non-profit, non-partisan network that brings organizations and 600,000+ individuals together across B.C. to strengthen and improve public health care for all.

Together we advocate for evidence-based improvements to our public health care system, stimulate public education on health care issues, and drive positive change to our health care system through campaigns across the province.



Our Campaigns and Advocacy

We work on campaigns that strengthen public health care.

Our current work includes:

In the past, we have:

  • Advocated for the creation of the office of the Seniors advocate Election Event photo
  • Collaborated with the CCPA and the BCRTA to organize on home care and residential care conferences and speakers panels
  • Collaborated with national health organizations to welcome the provincial and federal health ministers to Vancouver, encouraging them to "put the heart back in health care"
  • Pushed the federal parties to prioritize health care in the 2015 Federal Election. We even ran am awesome vote promotion event with Check Your Head.