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It's time for B.C. to Scrap MSP Premiums

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It's time for B.C. to Scrap MSP Premiums

msp past dueEvery month we get calls from people who are being hounded by collection agencies because they can’t afford to keep up with their MSP bills

Now, the public outcry about B.C.’s unfair MSP premiums is growing. [1]

Use this form to send a message directly to Premier Clark, Health Minister Lake and Finance Minister de Jong right now asking them to scrap the unfair MSP premiums and integrate health care fees into our income tax system.

One BC woman started a petition that now has more than 60,000 signatures, and both the Green party and the NDP have called on the government to abolish flat tax premiums. [2, 3]

B.C. is the only province in Canada that still charges a flat rate health tax. In this system, families who make $30,000 annually pay the same rate as families who make over a million dollars annually. [4]

Critics, including the BC Health Coalition, have long argued against the injustice, complexity and bureaucracy added by this additional tax collection system. [5] 

If the government hears from enough people who want to see MSP fees eliminated, they’ll have to bring B.C. in line with the rest of the country or suffer the consequences at the ballot box next year.

Send your message to the BC Government now, and help end B.C.'s most regressive tax.